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FaithTree Online Prayer Walk

Praying for Our Community on February 3

The Bible calls us to pray on all occasions and to constantly pray for God’s people (Ephesians 6:18). FaithTree Online Prayer Walks have each gathered hundreds of believers from around the world to pray before our faithful God. As we reach 2022, let’s join together to pray in Jesus’s name once again at our fourth Online Prayer Walk all day today! We are excited to see what God will do through this time!

Watch it Now

The prayer walk is in a continuous loop all day — join in at any point and watch for as long as you’d like. Also, feel free to post a prayer request in the chat box so others can pray throughout the day!

More Information

What is an online prayer walk? On February 3 from 8 am until 10 pm, we will be streaming a rotation of scenes from around the community to pray for, allowing us to “walk” around and pray. You can come in at any point during the day and spend a few minutes praying and post your own prayer requests to share with others taking part. Throughout the rotation, we’ll also have brief video devotional thoughts from Scripture shared by members of the FaithTree team, pastors and lay leaders from around the world.

Please plan to stop by this page throughout the day to catch different parts of “the walk” as we lift up our community and our world together!

Updates “From the Walk”

A Noon Update from the Walk… What to Expect

Go on the Walk Now

Afternoon Update

Go on the Walk Now

Evening Update

Go on the Walk Now

How to Help as We Prepare

Together in Prayer

This event includes involvement from FaithTree’s sponsoring churches:

Bible Baptist Church
Harvester Christian
Little Hills Church

We also are grateful for the involvement of others around the community in sharing God’s Word and encouragement in prayer during this walk. Here are those who will be sharing throughout the prayer walk:

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