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The Gospel Unhindered

An Online Men's Bible Study in Acts

In an uncertain world that is frequently perplexed — at best — about the Bible and those who follow Jesus, we have hope: the early church faced the same things. Join us as the FaithTree Men’s Bible Study begins a new adventure through the Book of Acts, looking at how God enabled His Gospel to spread across the world using His people… and how He continues to use us today.

We started online Bible studies during the pandemic last year and have found it a great way to stay connected to our brothers in Christ from different churches around not just St. Charles, but well beyond with men attending from several states over the course of our studies in Isaiah and Hebrews! As with the previous Bible studies, this one will be facilitated by two pastors familiar to FaithTree, Pastor Tim (of Little Hills Church) and Pastor Brad (of Bible Baptist Church).

We will be doing the Bible study over video conference. Please RSVP on Facebook to get updates on how to join the video conference and also to get information on which passages to read ahead. If you don’t have Facebook, then please e-mail Pastor Tim to RSVP. Then, join us at 7 p.m. on Thursdays!

Looking for more ways to connect with God’s Word online? Check out our sister site FaithTree.com, which gathers a list of devotionals and sermons from area churches every week among other convenient features to help you connect with God’s Word and other information you want when you come online!

How to Connect to the Bible Study

Our first session will be meeting at 7 p.m. on May 20. Please try to login a few minutes early if at all possible, but come whenever you can. Here is what you need to do in order to connect:

  1. Download the free Microsoft Teams app now, so you are ready when the Bible study happens:
  2. Open the Microsoft Teams app at least once. You do not need to create an account.
  3. Read ahead through Acts 1, if you have time, but come whether you’ve already read the chapter or not!
  4. Connect using the as a guest option to the Men’s Bible Study Microsoft Teams meeting room on Thursday evening.

Churches Cooperating Together

This online Bible study is brought to you by FaithTree in cooperation with two of our sponsoring churches, Bible Baptist Church and Little Hills Church.

Do you pastor another church? Let us know and make plans to join us! We’d be glad to have you involved — what’s better than Christians from different churches gathering together in the only way we can right now to encourage each other in God’s Word?

Little Hills Church
Bible Baptist Church

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