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Hear What FaithTree Means to Those at Our Events

Want to know what the Lord is doing at FaithTree? #FaithTreeTakes is a video series that lets you hear from students and others at FaithTree events about what those events mean to them.

About FaithTree.com

Your Online Christian Portal

FaithTree.com was launched by Universal Networks in June 2001 as a portal that brought together local, national, international and Christian news; weather; and more on one single, easy-to-use, customizable page. Since then, FaithTree has also become a fully fledged RSS reader that has a large assortment of preselected channels to choose from and the ability to add custom feeds for your favorite sites that we have not listed. FaithTree.com also offers a Bible search module, daily Bible readings and other handy Christian resources.

Connect with Us

Stay up-to-date with us on social media to always know when upcoming events are occurring at FaithTree.

FaithTree Events and the Coronavirus

A Temporary Pause to FaithTree Events

We care about every person God brings to FaithTree and we think part of showing His love is pausing FaithTree events temporarily to protect those who come from exposure to the coronavirus. Here is an update on our plans for the coming weeks.

Get Involved

Help Us Share Jesus's Love

We need your help to make FaithTree's vision of reaching students for God's Kingdom a reality. Please read on to learn how to pray, give and serve in our efforts.

Get Your Church Involved

FaithTree is of the local church and for the local church. What do we mean by that? We want to strengthen our local churches' ability to show the love of Jesus to those in our community. We also believe that an important part of the Christian life is being committed to mutual encouragement with other believers in a local church and aim to see FaithTree help each person who comes and does not have a local church family to find one.

Give to FaithTree

You Can Make a Difference for FaithTree in 2023

We have seen God do so many amazing things amidst our fellowship in the four and a half years since we began this journey. This past year has been unexpected in so many ways, but God has blessed us with so many opportunities to serve in the midst of the past few years' challenges, allowing us to reach thousands of people with the Gospel we would not have in a normal year. As we continue in our sixth year of ministry, we are more excited than ever over what God has planned for us, but we need your help. Giving to FaithTree today will help us as we build on 2022's return to in-person ministry and grow our exciting online outreach efforts.

Our Pastoral Advisory Board

We are a ministry deeply rooted in our local churches. You can read more about our commitment to this on our page for local church ministry leaders, but one key aspect of it is that we are committed to being tied into and accountable to our local churches. Our Pastoral Advisory Board helps to achieve this commitment and enriches our ministry as each member contributes to our plans and vision.

Our Story

What if the Christian community at LU joined together to proclaim the Gospel? Please join us as we gather for prayer, worship and more.

Support Us as You Shop

Shop for the things you already need and these merchants give back!

Did you know that you can help support FaithTree every time you shop? Schnucks Markets and Amazon.com both offer programs that allow you to identify your support of FaithTree and have them donate to us (at no cost to you) every time you shop. If you already need to buy things, why not make those purchases work towards spreading the Gospel and discipling students? Please register your support today.

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