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FaithTree at the Movies

More to Be Announced Soon

FaithTree at the Movies explores deep questions about faith through the discussion of notable films. Each of our events features a special guest theologian or theologians who chooses a film and helps us to explore that film's content in a Gospel oriented light. We begin each night with an opening interview of our presenter, followed by a screening of that evening's film, and an open Q&A time to discuss the topics raised by the film and presenter.

The films are open to the community and admission is free.

2020-2021 Film Schedule

November 20: Jingle All the Way
Feburary 26: Unbroken

2019-2020 Film Schedule

More films to be announced for later this Spring!

2018 Fall Film Festival Schedule

2017-2018 Film Schedule

2016-2017 Film Schedule

We launched with a thought-provoking discussion about the film the Martian on November 18. We will continue this spring with four more great films, each at 7:00 p.m. on a Friday night. Please join us for these special evenings of faith and film!

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