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Calvary Church

Calvary Church began in 1962 when a small group of people mortgaged their homes to start a church in St. Charles. While lots of things have changed since then, Calvary's core values have not. For more than fifty years, Calvary's leadership has been committed to Inspirational Worship, Transformational Growth, and Irreplaceable Impact.

Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church is a gathering of imperfect people attempting to glorify God by obeying Him. We don't do this perfectly but strive through His strength to increase in our obedience.

Harvester Christian Church

Harvester exists to lead people to find and follow Jesus. We seek to do that by helping people explore the faith, embrace community, engage in service and empower disciples.

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Immanuel Lutheran exists to connect people with Jesus, grow in relationship with Christ and Serve one another in Him.

Ridgecrest Baptist Church

At Ridgecrest you will find a diverse group of all ages, interests, and walks of life. For all our differences, there is one thing that we have in common: all of us have been transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are all sinners who, by God's grace and loving kindness have been rescued by God from Satan, sin, and judgement. We are not perfect people, but Jesus has started a good work in us and has promised to be with us as we navigate our way through the road of life. Come along for the journey!

Bible Baptist Church

Bible Baptist Church has been a part of the community of Saint Charles for over fifty years. The church began in 1953 with a small band of members who had a vision for an Independent Baptist Church in their city. From humble beginnings in a store front building the church has grown over the years to its present facilities, which include a sanctuary, Sunday school building, and gymnasium.


Hear What FaithTree Means to Those at Our Events

Want to know what the Lord is doing at FaithTree? #FaithTreeTakes is a video series that lets you hear from students and others at FaithTree events about what those events mean to them.

Give to FaithTree

You Can Make a Difference for FaithTree in 2020

We have seen God do so many amazing things amidst our fellowship in the three and a half years since we began this journey. As we look with excitement towards 2020, we can see all kinds of ways God is working and that leaves us all the more eager to see how he uses FaithTree in a new year. To move keep our exciting collaborative efforts moving, however, we need your help.

Sock Cold Feet

Gathering Socks for the Homeless in Our Community

Thousands of homeless live in St. Charles County. We can help them this winter by providing pairs of clean socks to keep their feet dry and clean. Please donate new or (clean) used socks so that we can make a small difference in the lives of the most needy in our community.

Get Involved

Help Us Share Jesus's Love

We need your help to make FaithTree's vision of reaching students for God's Kingdom a reality. Please read on to learn how to pray, give and serve in our efforts.

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